Reseller - Application

Fill out this application if you want to be our reseller.

Cost of shipping is added to orders.

No invoice fee when paying via Klarna.

Payment terms 30 days and Klarna customary terms for companies.

When paying against an invoice directly from Hemsidan-Design Trade AB, a fee of SEK 50 excl. VAT is added. Payment terms are 10 days net. In case of late payment, late payment interest is charged at 2% per month from the due date. In the event of a reminder, a statutory reminder fee of SEK 60 is charged.

The usual credit check is carried out.

Your store will be listed in the list of retailers. If you do NOT wish to be seen there, state this clearly in your application. Your store is visible in the list of retailers as long as you have a collection of our products in your assortment.

Reseller's Form

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